BECHEM Premium 1000 WR Long life wear & water resistant wire rope grease


BECHEM Premium 1000 WR is a specially designed grease to lubricate wire ropes that are exposed to extreme frictional conditions. The grease has excellent corrosion protection and water resistance properties. Special anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives with solid lubricants enables the grease to provide excellent lubrication to wire ropes subjected to high loads under corrosive atmosphere


BECHEM Premium 1000 WR is recommended for wire ropes of cranes in ports, steel and process industry. Also for open gears, winches, screws, hinges, cylinder guides that are exposed to water and corrosive environment.


  • Service temperature -30°C to +120°
  • Provides long term lubrication
  • Continuous film at high loads
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Provides good water resistance

Characteristic data

  • NLGI-grade 00-000
  • Appearance: Dark Greenish – Black
Thickener Lithium
Worked Penetration 1/10 mm 420-450 DIN ISO 2137
Four Ball Weld Load N 5000 IP 220
Solid Lubricants Graphite-Ultrafine 37
Base Oil Mineral Oil
Kin. viscosity at 40°C mm2/s 620 DIN 51562
Kin. viscosity at 100°C mm2/s 48 DIN 51562
Drop Point °C ≥110 DIN 2176

General purpose grease also available with us.

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