Retractable Block Polymer Casing with G.I. Wire Rope
Ref. PCGS6, PCGS10, PCGS15, PCGS20, PCGS25, PCGS30.

MaterialCasing made up of high impact strength Polymer, to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible
Dia of RopeGalvanized Steel Wire Rope of dia 4.5 mm
Attachment EndPN 162 Hooks with load indicator 
Anchorage EndAnchorage Eye with swivel action. Prevents undue twist of rope twist while working or in the event of a Fall 
Minimum Breaking Strength12kN
Conforms toEN 360:2002  
ModelLength of Wire RopeWeight (kg)
PCGS66 mtr3.06 kg
PCGS1010 mtr4.03 kg
PCGS1515 mtr6.35 kg
PCGS2020 mtr6.75 kg
PCGS2525 mtr11.87 kg 
PCGS3030 mtr12.27 kg 

Twin Retractable Fall Arrester Block

  • Material: Casing made up of high strength and sturdy Aluminium Alloy
  • Length of Retractable Webbing – 2 mtr.
  • Attachment End : Includes two Scaffold Hooks PN 131 at anchorage end 
  • Anchorage End : Anchorage Eye with swivel action. Prevents undue twist of webbing while working or in the event of a fall 
  • Minimum Breaking Strength : 15 kN 
  • Conforms to :EN 360:2002

    Ideal for use in scaffolding in Construction Industry

Micron Block

  • Extremely light in weight, weighing less than 600 gms (excluding Hook)
  • Has inbuilt textile Energy Absorber with protective cover on it
  • Material : Robust and durable polymer casing
  • Maximum length of Retractable Webbing – 02 mtrs
  • Attachment End : Comes with Aluminium Swivel Quarter Turn Hook PN 130 having
    impact indicator 
  • Can be used Horizontally
  • Can also used when Anchor Point is at the foot level
  • Minimum Breaking Strength : 15 kN
  • Conforms to : EN 360 : 2002, VG 11 # 11.060. It passes the test for Fall Factor 2.

Retrieval Retractable Block

  • The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in independent Fall Arrest & Winch modes.
  • Can be easily mounted on the leg of KARAM Tripod PN800 using specialized brackets
  • Minium Breaking Strength > 12kN
  • Conforms to EN 360:2002 & EN 1496:2006 Class B

Unique Features :

  • The Dual mode- helps easily movement of user while working in confined spaces
  • Retractable mode- enables easy mount of user in Confined Space. Also provides Fall Protection
  • Winch mode- enables easy retrieval
  • Comes with PN 162 Snap Hook with Impact Indicator

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