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  • Manual Chain Hoist
    Polyester lifting slings are an excellent alternative to wire rope and chain slings. They do not damage or dent the load and can be used for Lifting odd-shaped or fragile loads. Polyester webbing slings are highly resistant to acids (except concentrated sulphuric acid), and their elongation is only half as compared to nylon silngs when under the same work load. Slings are manufactured either to EN 1492 -1:2000 with safety factor 7:1 or to BS 3481: PT2 - 1983 with safety factor of 6:1.


    - Use only certified / identified slings with visible Safe Working Load.

    - Do not use damaged slings.

    - Place slings on the load such that the load is uniform across their width.

    - Can only be used for temperature range from -40˚c to 100˚c.

    - Keep load stable. If the length of the load requires several slings, use a certified equipment to make the slings parallel and see that load is evenly distributed between the slings.

    - Use only slipknot for choker lift.

    - Avoid vibrations of shock loads.

    - Do not forcibly pull out a sling, which is jammed under a load.

    - Take into account the lifting angles.