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  • Manual Chain Hoist

    Heat treated for tensile strength, resistance to wear and shock absorbing capabilities.

    Working Load Limit (W.L.L) is the maximum load which chain or components are designed to sustain in lifting use. The mean stress at this load is 200n/mm2 (M.P.A.) and is based on a factor of safety of 4:1.
    Manufacturing Proof Force (M.P.F) is the force to which during manufacture chain or components are subjected. The mean stress at this load is 500n/mm2 (MPA) which is 2.5 times the working load limit.
    Minimum Breaking Load (M.B.L) is the minimum force which chain or components must withstand before failure. The mean stress at this load is 800n/mm2 (MPA). The minimum elongation before failure is 20%.