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  • Manual Chain Hoist
    Manual Chain Hoist


    - Do not exceed Working Load Limit.
    - Keep the load chain lubricated at all times.
    - Before operating, inspect the load chain for damages.
    - Before operating, inspect the top and bottom hooks
    for signs of deformations and check that the safety
    latches are attached.


    » Capacity ranges from 0.5t to 20t.
    » Automatic double pawl braking system.
    » Double cover protection.
    » Light weight robust construction.
    » Low effort to lift maximum load.
    » Extra thick asbestos free friction discs.
    » Fully forged hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.
    » ISO high grade alloy load chain.
    » Zinc plated hand chain as standard.
    » Sealed bearing.
    » Unique hand wheel cover for guiding hand chain at any angle.
    » Each hoist is proof tested at 1.5 times of WLL up to 10t. 1.25 times of WLL 20t.
    » Complies with EC Council Directive 98/37/EC Machinery. ASME B30, AS 1418.2.